• Should the data on employee’s laptops be encrypted?
  • Should I buy ransomware insurance? How much?
  • Is my data in the Cloud really secure? Should I have a local backup?
  • Am I storing PII or PHI without my knowing it? Am I at risk?

These and many other questions face small business owners today. Today’s business climate demands your IT systems be highly secure to prevent your company’s mission critical data from being lost, stolen, destroyed or held for ransom by bad actors. Most companies could not survive the reputational damage and possible legal liability caused by a security breach.

FulcrumNet was formed to help small business owners harden their network and data security in order to minimize financial loss, disruption of normal operations and damage to their business reputation.

We offer a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment that will identify any gaps and prioritize actions to correct them. Areas examined include:

  • Network Security
  • Data Protection
  • Security & The Workforce
  • Backup and Recovery Planning

Alex Sotomayor has more than two decades of experience in the fields of data privacy, network security and regulatory compliance working with multi-nationals such as MGM Resorts and Kimberly-Clark. He is a collaborative professional who is now leveraging his expertise to help small businesses owners who lack the dedicated IT resources to defend their company from unauthorized access, malicious software or ransomware.

What Clients Have to Say about Alex…

“Alex’s expertise and superior integrity together with his great people skills has elevated our compliance initiative to a much better level. Alex has great ideas and is on the leading edge of SOX compliance.”
“Alex’s contribution… truly turned the corner of our compliance program. As an organization we have a significantly better understanding of our control environment than ever before.”
“Alex’s early guidance has paid off in that it saves us thousands and thousands of dollars and several hundreds of labor hours during audit season – a benefit we enjoy year after year.”

As both a principal consultant and full time professional I have been successfully conducting IT compliance audits since 2004 and starting in 2018 successfully implemented enterprise data privacy compliance programs to support the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).